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Having vinyl face and adhesive back, window perforated adhesives are mostly suitable for being adhered on glasses and windows of stores, offices, restaurant, etc. They present an attractive, memorable front to the passersby in such a way that your advertising message will be etched in their memory. Therefore, you can make sure that they will remember your brand's name when they need your products or services. Perforated adhesives also allow you to see the outside world while everybody passing by only can see the signage, not inside the window. As a result, there is a full visibility to the signage from the outside while the light is allowed through to the inside. Our adhesives are of the high-quality materials and are offered at a reasonable price. 


Possible Applications:

  • Window Vinyl
  • Wall Vinyl
  • Advertising 
  • Decorative Purposes

Stock Options: Permanent Adhesive White Glossy Vinyl 3.5mm


Printed Side Options: One-Sided Full-Color 


Product Specifications:

  • Custom Trim Size
  • Packaged and Delivered in a Roll
  • Lamination Option Available 

Size Options:

Different sizes are available for Window Perforated Adhesives. Ordered sizes should fall between minimum 1 inch and maximum 48 inch for the width and between minimum 1 inch and maximum 3600 inch  for the height..


Lamination Options: Optically Clear Gloss Overlaminate 



You can do two things with the “Sets” field. First, you can multiply your orders of the same artwork if you cannot see your order quantity. It means in case of needing to order more quantities than defined ones in the “Quantity” field, you can select the numbers in the “Sets” field. Second, if you have different versions of artworks, you can set the number of versions in the “Sets” field.


Production Time Only:

  • 2 - 3 Business Days 
  • Next Business Day

Shipping Options:

  • We offer shipping for Canada and most US states 
  • Free pick-up option is available from our location (Richmond Hill)

Order by Choosing from the Following Options:

  • Upload your own design files (please see our artwork guidelines)
  • Let us design for you (Use our experts to do all graphic design work at an affordable price)

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