Outstanding Exposure, Eye-catching Style

Custom flags are specifically designed to draw attention. They’re widely used in trade show advertising, events, conferences, open houses, and campaigns, to name a few. The product is made of a piece of fabric dye-sublimated on either one or both sides. Our standard flag kits include a printed fabric piece, pole set and metal ground spike. We also offer various add-ons for safe and secure indoor and outdoor displays. Our flags are weather-resistant, long-lasting, fade-resistant and customizable to any design and graphics.

Advantages of Advertising Flags

  • Easy to spot. These products literally rise above any advert. Its tall figure and stylish design are sure to command everyone’s attention throughout.
  • Designed to last. The product is made with a sturdy, weather-resistant material. Also, the graphic won’t quickly fade, tear or wear by long use.
  • Amazing print results. Your artwork is dye-sublimated on fabric which results in a sharp, vibrant look with permanent colours.
  • Easy transportation and storage. Despite being large, the item is very lightweight to transport and assemble. You don’t need a large space to store your flag. The hardware can be carried or stored in a travel bag. The graphic is made of fabric, meaning that it doesn’t crease if folded.
  • Quick assembly. It only takes you 2-3 minutes to set up a flag!

Typical Uses

  • Indoor and outdoor signage
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Sales and event promotions
  • Advertising
  • Announcement
  • Conferences and events
  • Other commercial and graphical projects

Print Method

We offer both single-sided and double-sided printing with dye-sublimated images and graphics


We offer three popular shapes, feather, square and teardrop. The feather option has a straight body shape that is curved on the top and bottom. It provides a substantial surface area to display any graphics. The square option has a square-shaped top and bottom. It offers a large surface area for your custom design. Teardrop banners are a little smaller than classic feather and square banners. They have a plump, rounded top that tapers to a point at the bottom, making the flag look like an upside-down teardrop. Besides, the unique construction gives it stability, keeping it from fluttering so much when the wind blows.


Our flag sizes range from 9 feet to 15 feet depending on the shape selected. Our feather banners are 10, 12 and 15 feet tall after assembly. Square and teardrop banners come in 9, 12 and 15 feet and 9, 11 and 14 feet in height respectively.

Pole Set

The standard kit comes with a lightweight but strong pole set. Your purchase will include a 2-piece, 4-piece or 5-piece pole depending on the size selected. The hardware is assembled and separated easily. If you already have the graphic, you can purchase a pole set as a standalone product. Click here to order.

Ground Spike

The standard kit comes with a sturdy metal ground spike that is compatible with the hardware. The spike allows for easy mounting on the grassy ground. If you need spikes only, click here.

Cross Base

Custom flags are usually used outdoors, but we offer an option for indoor use. Cross bases allow you to set up your banner indoors or on any hard surface ground. The product has a sleek loo with four foldable legs. If you need cross bases only, click here.

Heavy-duty Cross Base

The heavy-duty cross base consists of two crosspieces with a screw to hold the pole in place. Instead of the spike, you can request a regular or heavy-duty option at an additional cost. The product is high-quality, robust and compatible with the hardware. If you need heavy-duty cross bases only, click here.

Heavy-duty Plate Base

A heavy-duty plate base is a smart choice for a safe interior display. It’s robust, durable and compatible with the hardware. You can request a plate base with your purchase for an additional cost. If you need heavy-duty plate bases only, click here.

Water Bag

The water bag is used with the cross base to keep the banner stable and secure when the wind blows. Water bags are purchasable at an additional cost. We also sell water bags as standalone products. Click here to order.

Travel Bags

Travel bags are essential additions for safe and easy transportation. The product is available at an additional cost. We also sell water bags as standalone products. Click here to order.

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