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Trade Show Displays

Prominently Display Your Message at Events

ButterflyGP: Your Specialist in Trade Show Exhibit Booth Displays

Professional trade show displays for every event, purpose and budget are here! ButterflyGP is a go-to shop for all your trade show needs. We offer wholesale pricing to resellers, graphics designers and ad agencies. Creating an inviting and professional trade show booth can be costly and challenging. Everything will be easier if you choose a reliable printer. Hoping to maximize your profit margin? We make that happen by reducing your print costs. And don’t worry about quality and speed. Our quality, price and speed all are competitive. We guarantee your clients' satisfaction.

Fast and Quality Wholesale Trade Show Displays in Canada

Since our inception in 2000, we’ve been solely focused on providing wholesale service to resellers. We understand how important deadlines are. No deadline can be missed! Everything is done in-house by our experts to ensure on-time delivery. Most of our products are prepared either the next day or within 2-3 business days. Looking for a way to increase your print profit? Our specialized knowledge and years of experience can help. We employ advanced equipment and trained staff to enforce the highest level of quality and control. We stand by our commitment to our clients. While our pricing is competitive, the quality remains above standards. We’ve made it easy and convenient for you to find and order what you need.

We Offer Must-Have Trade Show Display Products All in One Spot!

Boost your print profit with our high-quality trade show must-haves! Custom displays are the first thing attendees see. However, not all displays leave a good impression on viewers. We’re proud of ourselves for offering quality and beauty together. Our trade show signage is perfect for setting the tone and making an impact. Your clients are sure to be happy with you as they’ll get what they pay for. Our portable trade show displays are great for do-it-yourself exhibitors. From large-format banners to customized flags, our products are designed to be installed and taken down in minutes. The display hardware and accessories are designed to adapt to the user’s ever-changing needs. High print costs no longer stop your small business from profiting. Our quality is high and the pricing is competitive. Shop with confidence! At ButterflyGP, the choices are limitless. We offer a collection of the most-used displays for trade shows for any need and budget. Become a ButterflyGP member to access a variety of products, sizes, finishes and print options. Don’t you know which trade show booth display is right for your client’s booth size, scope, or budget? Pick up the phone and give us a call! Our graphics and printing technicians will provide instant support and guidance during office hours. We’re also reachable via email and live chat.

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