Wholesale Foam Core Printing

A Smart Choice to Create Quality Visual Ads and Artworks

Low-cost, Extremely Lightweight, Suitable for Indoor Use

Foam Board is an ultra-light but stiff substrate with a dense foam core and paper exterior. The substrate has a smooth matte surface which makes it ideal for a range of projects. Our rigid material is an ideal choice for mounting prints. It’s also used as backing in picture frames and poster boards. Despite being lightweight, the material is sturdy and resistant to bending and curling. Due to its low cost, large Foam Core Printing is a popular choice for short-term and large-scale indoor projects.

Ultra Board vs. Foam Board Poster Printing

Ultra Board is the premium and the most durable form of Foam Core. The material is stronger and sturdier and lasts longer than Foam Core. It can bend when pressure is applied and resist wearing and tearing better.

Foam Board mounted prints, on the other hand, are better suited for one-time use. However, if you want your sign to withstand many uses, we recommend you pick Ultra Board. Foam Core signs require mounting or easel. Ultra Board signs are a better choice when freestanding or hanging signs are required.

Advantages of Wholesale Foam Core

  • Sharp image quality. Printing on Foam Core gives a sleek and professional look to any project.
  • Sturdiness. Despite being lightweight, the material is sturdy enough to be used for photo mounting or indoor displays. The material can be used in a variety of ways - on easels, stands, etc.
  • Glare-free surface. The exterior matte surface of the product causes no glare. That makes the texts easy to read under any lighting.
  • Ultra-lightweight structure. The material doesn’t weigh much, which makes it easy to handle and install. You can even hang your job from the drop ceiling without being afraid of the weight pulling it down.
  • Cost efficiency. The substrate is very cheap and therefore ideal for temporary displays and presentations.
  • Versatility. Our rigid is perfect for all sorts of indoor displays in a variety of indoor environments.

Typical Uses

  • Temporary indoor signage
  • Presentation signs
  • Photo and poster mounting
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Wall arts and decorative signs
  • Lifesize cutouts
  • Other commercial and graphical projects

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