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Needing professional banners for trade shows, events and conventions? Vinyl banners have the high strength and durability required for long-term projects. They feature an eye-catching appearance which makes any message stand out. Whether you need them indoors or outdoors, they're a safe investment. The material is weatherproof, tear-resistant, long-lasting and cost-effective. Assuming proper care and maintenance, the product offers a life expectancy of 3 years.

Advantages of Large Format Vinyl Banner Printing

  • Excellent resistance. The material is quite suitable for long-term use. It can endure all weather conditions, Ultraviolet, sun damage and the effect of tearing.
  • Versatility. The product suits any needs, from commercial, social and political campaigns to personal projects. It can be customized in the way your client needs.
  • Blockout nature. The material has good opacity that prevents the light from penetrating and dulling the graphics.
  • Multiple display options. Our banners are lightweight and convenient to install, take down and store. They can be hung with rope, bungee cords, zip ties, hanging clips, hooks and suction cups.

Typical Uses

  • Indoor and outdoor signage
  • Advertising
  • Sales & event promotions
  • Festivals and events
  • Parades
  • Parties and grand reopenings
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Conferences, seminars and presentations
  • Other commercial and graphical projects

Print Method

We use a full-colour single-sided process. The material is printed with fade and abrasion-resistant ink. That means the graphics will remain fresh, vibrant and crisp for a long time.


Your selected size must be larger than 12 In. by 12 In. and smaller than 61 In. by 3600 In. We can print any custom size in between these two extremes.

Material Weight and Finish

The material comes in 13oz, 15oz and 18oz weights. The 13oz and 15oz weights offer great strength and quality. They’re excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. For long-term outdoor projects, the heavyweight, extremely durable 18oz vinyl is even a better choice. It's designed to last in harsh weather conditions.

All thicknesses come with either a matte or a gloss finish. The matte finish is non-reflective and glare-free, delivering clear printing results. It also allows viewers to read any text easily, even under direct sunlight or strong lighting. The Gloss option, on the other hand, has a bright, shiny surface that provides sharp, high-resolution images.


A grommet is a small ring inserted into a hole through the display. It reinforces and protects the hole when hanging the project. Depending on the size selected, you can choose from the following styles:

  • No grommet
  • Top 2 corners
  • All 4 corners
  • Every 2-3 feet top and bottom
  • Every 2-3 feet on sides
  • Every 2-3 feet all around

Pole Pocket

Pole pockets are created by wrapping 2-4 In. of banner around the top, bottom or sides. The finish allows the job to easily slide over a pole or cable. Depending on your client's need, you can choose one of the following styles:

  • 2-inch pole pocket (top and bottom)
  • 4-inch pole pocket (Top and bottom)


We hem your banners around the edge on all four sides to protect them from tearing. Depending on your need, you can choose one of the following styles:

  • Top and bottom
  • Right and left
  • All 4 sides

Pocket + Rope

Need a banner with a rope? Our banners can be rope-sewn. The following styles are available:

  • Top and bottom
  • Right and left

Wind Slit

Wind slits are half-moon shape cuts made throughout the job to protect it against high winds. You may ask for wind slits to be cut into your project.

Reinforcement Belts

A reinforcement belt is an extra layer added to the edges to make the job stand stronger. You're recommended to select this option for very huge sizes or windy conditions.

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